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” Together Against Hate Speech’’

-Topola, Serbia-

Del 31 de Mayo al 8 de Junio

Curso de Formación acerca de como combatir los discursos que fomentan el odio y la intolerancia. 3 plazas disponibles (No hay límite de edad para participar). Recuerda que todos los gastos están incluidos: alojamiento, manutención y desplazamientos (billetes de avión y tren hasta un máximo de 275€). Aquí tienes toda la información. Si estás interesado envíanos tu C.V y una breve carta de motivación.
No esperes más!

About the project 


Hate speech is not a new issue; it constitutes in fact a criminal once in many countries. But its online dimension and the potential negative impact on democratic development amplify its risks and gives new reasons for concern among young people and organizations.

Intolerance and ‘hate’ have been a feature of human society almost since time began. A number of studies have identified an increase in these attitudes over recent years. The problem is that if there is less tolerance of differences, and if the constraints on that intolerance are not watched, then intolerance – and hate – will find expression, both in the things that people do and in the things, they say.




- Learn about hate speech, particularly online hate speech.

- Increasing the competences of youth leaders, youth workers and educators in the field of anti-hate speech activism and Human Rights Education;

- To get to know various national and international good practices;

- To gain understanding of the role of international youth work in promoting human rights and

democracy values both on and offline through international youth projects

- To reach mutual understanding about the concept of human rights, specifically freedom of

expression, hate speech and terminology used

- To increase participants’ knowledge on the topics: human rights, hate speech, hate crimes.

- Learn concrete tools for addressing hate speech, including receive training on the use of


- Receive information on the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme and the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement.

- Plan and develop small educational follow-up activity, multiplier events or campaign activity.

- Disseminate the educational approaches of the NHSM among participants in the participants




The participants will be youth workers that are active members of the organizations of the partners involved which:

• youth workers and youth leaders active in non – formal education field;

• are willing to develop their  skills, knowledge and attitudes to play an active role towards an intercultural society

• are working or plan to work with multicultural groups on local, national or international level;

• would like to get practical and theoretical knowledge,

• have already “some” experience with working with young people;

• have previous experience in intercultural activities and/or are familiar with concept of intercultural learning;

• are able to communicate in English (The official language of the training course will be English).

• are at least 18 years old;

• are motivated to be fully involved in preparation process (homework’s) and attend at least 98% of the training course.

• are motivated to take part in after training phase (evaluation, self-assessment, etc.).


The youth exchange is implemented by support of the European Commission programme ERASMUS+ and the German National Agency. Travel Expenses (according to Erasmus+ guidelines), accommodation, food and planned activities will be covered by the project budget.

We will reimburse travel costs as listed below on the basis of the cheapest possibilities, e.g. second class railway tickets, APEX-flights etc. by bank transfer after the training and the receipt of all ORIGINAL tickets, bills, invoices, receipts, boarding tags/cards etc. Following the guide lines of the Erasmus + programme the travel back must be realised by the participants on direct way within maximum 2 days. In case of longer stays or indirect travelling (holiday travel etc.) there is no chance of reimbursement of travel costs. Missing tickets will not be reimbursed. Please, keep the original tickets in order to get money back.



 The project will be held at Hotel Oplenac (Oplenac BB, Topola, Serbia).

It is near the center of the city just 5-10 minutes walking. Surrounded by greenery it offers a relaxing and panoramic view.

Full board: rooms with 2, 3 and 4 beds, bathroom, toilet.

Accomodation includs all the meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

People from the same country can not be in the same room.

During the seminar, costs for board and lodging are covered by the project.  Extra expenses, such as drinks in the bar in the venue, extra days have to be paid by participants.

During the workshops there is 2 coffee break; during this break we will provide nes coffee and tea, also some kind of jus and sweets. This is for free for participants.

Si estás interesado/a envianos tu CV a: indicando en el asunto: Topola, Serbia.


Descubre que son los intercambios juveniles 

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