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"Let's Volunteer"
-Vaunieres, Francia-
Del 15 de Septiembre de 2022 al 14 de Enero de 2023

Voluntariado cultural de 4 meses en los alpes franceses. Descúbrelo!

Descripción del proyecto


Solidarités Jeunesses (SJ) is a national movement of non-formal education and is composed of a National Secretary (Paris), and eight regional delegations across France. Our delegations host international volunteers throughout the year. Each regional delegation is unique, but all of the activities are organized to benefit the local community and share common ground: - gather people from different cultures and social backgrounds to participate in social, ecological, and cultural development. - contribute to the integration of people with fewer opportunities. Each project is dedicated to actions of solidarity and collective living. We believe that cultural exchanges are a key for personal learning and for the volunteer to experiment and undergo personal development. 

You will work about 35 hours per week, the work is varied and you will get the support of the staff. We work on: - Renovation of the buildings - Organization and participation in cultural events (in the Center and outside) - Organization and participation in workshops and meetings - Organization and participation on the collective life (cooking, cleaning...) - Hosting groups and individuals (mostly in the summer) - Leading workcamps during the summer, you will receive training for that. Two seminars were organized by the french agency and one volunteering meeting with all the volunteers of SJ.

Alojamiento, Alimentación y Transporte


Vaunières is located in the low alps, near Gap and Grenoble, and is nestled in the heart of mountains. Les "Trois Roues" is the house of Volunteers, bénévoles, individual hosting, and the office of the staff. Also, we have a party room, a woodshop, a greenhouse, a garden, a tavern, etc. As a volunteer, you will share a house with other volunteers! It is of high importance to commit into daily life, as in a big house-share because the house will look like its inhabitants, it's your home sweet home for a few months!


Perfil del voluntario

There are no competencies required to participate but a willingness to the volunteer project and being open to discover new cultures. Open to everybody from European Union or partner countries between 18/30 years old, the driving license is HIGHLY recommended but what matters the most is the motivation! So if you like MANUAL WORK, NATURE, and COLLECTIVE LIFE, or if you're interested to discover it, contact us! 


Este proyecto de voluntariado del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad, como todos los que ofrecemos tiene cubiertos todos los gastos: el transporte de ida y vuelta, el alojamiento y la comida, asimismo  se otorgará al voluntario un dinero de bolsillo "pocket money" para sus gastos personales. 

Si estás interesado/a envíanos tu CV y una Carta de Motivación a: indicando en el asunto: Voluntariado Vaunieres.


Todo lo que necesitas saber del CES  

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